Strategy & Capture Management

Tailored techniques for recompetes, take-aways, multi-award, phased down-select, best value, LPTA, IDIQs and task orders

Opportunity Assessment

Help clients answer the questions “is this opportunity real?” “does it align with our business objectives?” and “do we have the ability to win?” This includes:

  • Teaming Analysis
  • RFI/Market Survey Response
  • Industry Day Support
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Market Research
  • Decision Gate Package Development

Strategy/Offer Development

Help clients develop the winning offer, i.e., what the Customer wants aligned with its acquisition objectives and key requirements.  This includes:

  • Solution Development/Architecture and Documentation
  • Competitive Assessment
  • Price to Win Strategy
  • Win Strategy Development/Documentation
  • Customer Engagement Plan
  • Requirements and Acquisition Shaping