Our Mission

“At Monarch Strategies, we are passionate about partnering with our clients to win! There is no magic process, tool or methodology that can replace the benefit of our experienced team with hundreds of engagements under their belts. Our passion drives our behavior – relentlessly driving to the high-value, winning solution. Our business model is client-centric and focused on matching the right people to specific client needs, at an affordable cost. We are humbled and grateful to have client relationships spanning more than 20 years – relationships built upon trust while adhering to the highest standards of ethics, integrity and honesty.”

– David James
Monarch Strategies Founder/President

Deliver experience, domain expertise and hands-on support to drive the winning solution

Our Methodology

  • Focus on building a winning offer that maximizes score against the Customer’s evaluation criteria using its evaluation methodology: “Reverse Engineer a Winning Debrief
  • Provide expert teams of leaders in their domains who are knowledgeable about specific Customer needs, buying behaviors and source selection processes
  • Partner with clients through hands-on, value-added engagements, providing actionable recommendations and participating in recovery efforts when required
  • Improve affordability by focusing on matching all personnel to clients’ needs while ensuring success and value