Counter-Unmanned Air System (C-UAS)

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Unmanned Air System (UAS) have become a security problem.

Intrusions into Sporting Events, Concerts, Private Parties, Airports, Fires and Police operations are commonplace

C-UAS Satellite

Protect your locations/events from UAS Intrusions

Sample System Capability
  • Detect
    • 3km range, 360° coverage, no Line of Sight required
  • Locate, Track and Identify
    • GPS accurate locating of both the UAS and Operator
    • Identify and monitor multiple UAS simultaneously
    • Law Enforcement ready data
  • Fend or Take Control & Land*
    • Deny flight into a restricted airspace, and or take control and land violating UAS at a time and place of your choosing
    • * This capability requires specific Legal authorization
  • Highlights:
    • Passive, Non-Jamming, Non-Destructive Counter UAS System
    • Portable – 5 minute set-up to Operational
    • Flexible – Stationary and Mobile operations
    • Integrated Operations – connect with Local, Regional and National Command and Control systems
Operationally Proven
  • Similar system in use today by the US Military and Federal Law Enforcement (FBI, Secret Service and CBP)

C-UAS Offer

  • Portable, Permanent and Mobile cUAS systems
  • Event or Location based services
Available for State, Local and or Private Enterprise


Ph. 703-220-1072