Proposal Management & Development

Clear, compliant and compelling proposal artifacts with a relentless focus on maximizing color scores

Solution Development

Review solicitation requirements, perform gap analysis to identify client needs and vulnerabilities, and develop plans of action to mitigate immediately. This includes:

  • SOW Gap Analysis
  • Overall Win Strategy
  • Strength Identification
  • Win Themes
  • Value Proposition
  • Actions to Improve & Win
  • Customer Engagement Plan

Proposal Development

Document the offer, maximizing score vs. evaluation criteria with continued focus to MOVE UP A COLOR LEVEL. This includes:

  • RFP Analysis
  • Proposal Management – Focus, Resources, Schedule, Reviews, Templates
  • Content/Volume Development
  • Graphics/DTP
  • Color Team Reviews & Post Review Recovery
  • Orals Coaching
  • Product Demonstrations

Discussions Support

Respond to Customer Evaluation Notices (ENs) and develop Final Proposal Revisions (FPRs).  Eliminate ALL weaknesses in the offer and add additional strengths to MOVE UP A COLOR LEVEL. This includes:

  • EN and FPR Request Analysis
  • Face-to-Face Customer Discussions
  • EN/Question Response
  • Competitive Assessment and Strategy Update
  • FPR Development

Post-Award Support

Keep the program sold and maximize follow-on sales. This includes:

  • Position for Re-Compete
  • Award Fee Self Assessments
  • Respond to Engineering Change Proposal (ECP) Requests
  • Develop and Implement Performance Improvement Plans
  • Create Customer Advocacy Plans
  • Provide Transition Support